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Career Transition Programme

Start Transforming Your Career Right Now

Adults spend more than half their waking hours at their job, so finding your most ideal career path and fulfil your potential is inevitable in your wellbeing.

The job market is changing, the economy is changing, and the entire industries are being displaced.


The process of searching for a job or re-careering can feel overwhelming.


As a Career Coach, I can help you stop feeling stuck in a dead-end job, identify what you REALLY want to do, navigate your job search so you get the position you want, and navigate career change and adapt to a changing world.


How to determine your dream career

Identify an ideal position based on your talents, passions and personality

Improve your position, pay and happiness in your current career

​Interviewing skills

​Craft a resume that stands out and gets you hired

​How to get the best possible job offer

Proven job search strategies

How to land interviews with the best companies

Guidance through career change

​Identify how to pivot due to current and future economic and technological change

​LinkedIn networking skills

​Help win over interviewers

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