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Career Clarity Coaching

What is Your Actual Dream Career?


You're a devoted mother who has always strived to do everything right:

  • You deeply care about your career.

  • You pour your heart into your career.

  • You give it your all, even while juggling the demands of motherhood.

  • You pursued your education, often sacrificing your personal time and sleep.

  • …And yet, a part of you still feels incomplete.


You’re feeling stuck in your current job and unsure of the next steps to take or how to re-enter the workforce after a break. Juggling career ambitions with the responsibilities of motherhood can be overwhelming, and the multitude of career paths only adds to the confusion about which direction is best for you and your family.
You don’t just want another job; you want a meaningful career that aligns with your personal values and allows you to be present for your children.


More clarity on the most authentic career options for you: Discover career paths that align with your passions and life goals.

Awareness of job types and possibilities you didn’t even know existed: Uncover opportunities that fit your unique skills and lifestyle as a mother.

To connect with yourself—to be honest with yourself: Create space for self-reflection to understand your true desires and needs.

A professional assessment of your strengths and core values: Identify your unique strengths and core values to guide your career decisions.

From being unfulfilled and burnt-out in your current career to finding your authentic/most ideal career path and creating a vision for your next steps.

Your Destination


Career Clarity Coaching Programme

 Available as 1:1 Coaching Package

Step 1

Reflect and Explore Your Past Achievements

In the initial phase of your Career Clarity Coaching Programme, we focus on reflecting on and exploring your past achievements. This step involves a comprehensive analysis of your career history, identifying significant milestones, and understanding the components of your career that have brought you the most satisfaction. As we delve into this reflective process, you ask yourself, "What aspects of my previous roles have I truly enjoyed?" and "What elements have consistently motivated me?" By generating clues from your past achievements and brainstorming your thoughts about different career components, we lay a solid foundation for understanding your professional preferences and tendencies. This introspective journey helps you recognise patterns and themes that are crucial for your career clarity. As the famous quote by Socrates goes, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Step 2

Identify Key Career Components for Fulfilment

The second step of our programme is dedicated to gaining clarity about the key components of a job or career that are essential for your success and fulfilment. We explore six fundamental elements that ignite your passions: childhood wonder, adult passions, your unique gifts, your dreams, your core values, and your commitment. By examining these elements, we gain a deeper understanding of what truly brings you joy and satisfaction in your professional life. We also delve into the concept of personality types and archetypes, which provide valuable insights into your inherent nature and how it influences your career choices. As Carl Jung aptly stated, "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart." This phase is about aligning your career with your true self, ensuring that you pursue paths that resonate with your innermost passions and values.

Step 3

Create Your Career Design Blueprint

The final step in our Career Clarity Coaching Programme involves creating a comprehensive Career Design Blueprint. This blueprint serves as a personalised roadmap, guiding you towards a fulfilling and purposeful career. We begin by developing a growth mindset, which is essential for navigating changes in your position, career, or industry. This mindset shift allows you to view challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. We then broaden your perspective on your skills, recognising that your talents extend beyond the obvious and practical ones listed on your CV. As we reflect on how your skills can serve you in your future career, you challenge yourself to identify hidden talents and strengths that may have been overlooked. This holistic approach ensures that you make the most of your current position while preparing for future opportunities. As you summarise all the critical information learned about yourself during this process, your Career Design Blueprint becomes a powerful tool for career planning and development. As Stephen Covey once said, "Begin with the end in mind."

Embark with us on this transformative journey to achieve career clarity and design a career path that is both fulfilling and aligned with your true purpose. Together, we will navigate the complexities of career planning, ensuring that every step we take is informed, intentional, and aligned with your personal and professional aspirations

Your Personalized Support System

Support available to you:

Weekly 1-to-1 Coaching Calls (1 hour) to work on next steps, to discuss any roadblocks you are running into

​Ongoing personalized feedback from me by emails

Access to course content: worksheets, videos

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